Additive Industries

Additive Industries

MTA has developed and produced several functional modules of the MetalFAB1.

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Additive Industries is accelerating industrial additive manufacturing of high quality, functional, metal parts by offering a modular, end-to-end laser powder bed fusion system, MetalFAB1 system, and seamlessly integrated information platform, Additive World Platform, to high end and demanding industrial markets.

Additive Manufacturing



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The challenge

The challenge in 2014 was to engineer and produce the MetalFAB1 in a short time frame. 

After a thorough selection process of development and production partners by Additive Industries, MTA was proud to be one of the three partners kicking off this project. All partners were committed to manage the very ambitious lead-time of 48 weeks!

Besides mastering this ambitious planning, the team also managed the technology challenge by developing the first truly industrial 3D metal printing system. Through great team-effort of all project-partners, Additive Industries was able to successfully lounge the MetalFAB1 at the FormNext on November 16 in 2015 and invited the first customers in Eindhoven to get a preview of the first two MetalFAB1 systems.

The solution

The foundation that enabled this to be a successful project is the “Brainport Ecostructure” around Eindhoven. Working together with fellow partners in the high-tech industry has become a characteristic in the Eindhoven area. Key-success factors for such a cooperation are trust, an agile project organization and short communication lines. These key-success factors are also core values to MTA and are deep-seated in our organization.

The foundation for making this a successful project is the “Brainport Ecostructure” around Eindhoven.

The results

A shorter time-to-market

To execute the development and realization of the MetalFAB1 within 48 weeks highlights once more that an early supplier cooperation is paying off in managing short time-to-markets.

Taking ownership on Lifecycle management

The lifecycle of a product already starts in the development phase and by participating from day one, offered MTA the chance to take ownership on managing the lifecycle of the Additive Industries modules. This includes sustaining activities like change control, obsolescence management and engineering of designs improvements.