SPG Prints

SPG Prints

Production of dedicated screen units and the digital (DSI) platform.

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SPGPrints is a leading global provider of integrated solutions for rotary screen printing in the textile, label and industrial markets and has a leading position in digital printing. MTA is manufacturing dedicated screen units and the digital (DSI) platform.

Rotary Screen & Digital Printing



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The challenge

The challenge in 2009 was to transfer the complete product portfolios of the Rotary Screen Units to the facilities of MTA.

The goals of this transition were:

  1. Upscaling production, delivery of complete assembled and tested Rotary Screen units
  2. Improving performance and quality as a full-service provider
  3. Lowering integral costs of the complete product portfolio
  4. Shortening delivery time of all products

The solution

Based on the capabilities of MTA to do the complete production of mechatronic systems for professional OEMs, MTA started to transfer production of the SPG product portfolio supported by a dedicated project team.

All the necessary information for production, construction and testing of the systems has been analyzed, documented and integrated into MTA’s production processes.

Today MTA is a full-service partner, an extension of the production and assembly capabilities of SPGPrints allowing SPG to focus on their core activities.

The results

A short time-to-market

MTA was able to deliver the entire product portfolio for SPGPrints within a short time to market.

Long-term collaboration

During this 10+ years of collaboration, MTA delivered more than 1.000 Screen units, in different variants, on time and in the right quality to SPGPrints.

Improved price-performance

We also implemented various engineering programs to improve the price-performance ratio of these systems.

Ownership product range

We take ownership of the lifecycle of the product range with change control management, obsolescence management and engineering of designs improvements.

SPGPrints and MTA Group develop and supply production lines for Covid-19 rapid test strips.

SPGPrints from Boxmeer and MTA Group from Helmond are jointly involved in the development and delivery of 2 production lines for the production of COVID-19 rapid test strips on behalf of an international pharmaceutical client.