Way of working



Parallel product & production development

V2 model as a bridge between development and series production.

V versus V²-model

Traditionally, the V-model is used to develop a new high-tech system, from concept and specification via design to realization and validation. Historically, this model is used sequentially, first for product design and subsequently for industrialization or production design.

MTA has been working hard behind the scenes for two years to integrate the two subsequent phases into a single V² model. This means that product and production design run concurrently and are continuously coordinated and synchronized during the development process, in other words, in a V².

This results in a substantially shorter development time and lower costs in series production. In this way, we contribute as much as possible to a sound business case for our clients.


Unique ‘way of working’

With every step in the product design, we immediately check whether a product or sub-assembly can cost-effectively be manufactured in volume. In other words, multidisciplinary design. This requires the commitment and expertise of all our specialists: development, engineering, supply chain, purchasing, production, logistics and assembly.

Our tightly integrated processes require a lot of cooperation, coordination and learning ability, this complete “way of working”  has been deeply embedded in our culture. That is the core of our V² approach. The redesign of the core module in the selective asparagus harvester is a very good example of this.

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