Next generation

MTA wants to inspire the next generation of Tech-loving students and facilitate ways to develop their creative and technological skills. We love to contribute to the preparation and development of a future generation of contributors in a technology centric working environment.

Team Rembrandts

MTA is proud to be the main partner of Team Rembrandts, a robotics team consisting of students from Fontys Hogeschool, Zwijsen College and Heerbeeck College. Together, we work to make young people enthusiastic about technology. In six weeks, they built a robot under great time pressure to participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition in America. The achieved result is the ultimate reward for passion, pleasure, hard work and collaboration.

Dutch technology week

During the Dutch Technology Week, visitors can see, feel and experience technology in various places in the Netherlands, while learning how promising and challenging the technical sector is. MTA shares this proud feeling and is participating in events such as the MBO on Tour and the High-Tech Discovery Route to collaborate with companies, governments and knowledge institutions to inspire young and old for the technology industry.

Job Orientation days (Bedrijven Meeloop Dag)

Job Orientation days (Bedrijven Meeloop Dag) offer technical students the possibility to experience working in companies related to their field of education and get a feeling of the type of jobs available at these companies after graduation. Via an such an orientation day, they can connect with different companies, experience their culture and the different positions. MTA happily supports these students in their orientation and is eager to convey its values and culture during these days. For students it could provide possibilities for internships or starter positions.

Job shadowing

We regularly encounter students who would like to become acquainted with a certain profession during a short internship (in Dutch: 'Snuffelstage') in order to make a good choice for a training course or education. Under the guidance of one of our colleagues, they get a glimpse into our world and can experience the profession in practice.

“As an intern you get a good idea of what MTA does; everyone ensures that you learn something during your internship. They also ensure that you are working by yourself as much as possible. Time flies by on such a day. I will, therefore, recommend it to everyone to do a ‘snuffelstage’ at MTA if you are interested in technology.” – Gijs