Market knowledge

Fruitful eco-system in The Netherlands

The Netherlands has a unique technology ecosystem. High-tech solutions are applied to challenges within Agrofood. With Brainport Industries, Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo and Westland within easy reach, MTA is located in a fertile environment. Together, we bring ideas to life, in the smartest region in the world.

Ahead of the curve

We know what is going on within Agrofood robotics. MTA has been an early entrant in this market and has been delivering economically viable business solutions, not just prototypes or proof of concepts. We know how to combine our knowledge and experience of robotics with the needs of the agricultural markets. The application of robotics makes a significant contribution to the efficiency of handling and harvesting locally grown crops, and thus, to the alleviate scarce availability of personnel in agriculture and horticulture.


Greenhouses are rapidly transforming into high-tech systems, where robots are taking over the repetitive work of people, especially in environments that have to meet strict regulations and are complex to control. For those, automation with robotics could be a solution. Think of selective harvesting and processing of vegetables, predicting harvests (quality, time, volume), recognizing pests and disease. Or tracking & tracing of products in the greenhouse in combination with managing food safety. Working with crops also requires very specific applications such as “grabbing fragile fruit” or being able to “determine” the ripeness of fruits and vegetables. This requires specific (application) knowledge which is available to MTA in collaboration with its network of ecosystem partners. In short: Agrobotics is coming!

Other Markets

MTA works within the world of high-tech mechatronics in which mechanics, electronics and software go hand in hand. We work down to the micron level and in series production (high complexity, low volume). We have a proven track record in industrial 3D printing, Semicon Back-end and Packaging, among many others. Within these markets, we have built on our mechatronics competences, experience that we can now fully deploy on Agrobotics; a focus market where we can make maximum use of our knowledge and skills.

But obviously our state-of-the-art competences are relevant for many other applications and markets and we are continuously working with customers to create new customer specific robotics propositions.

Smartest region in the world

Brainport Eindhoven is a technical region in which industry, governments and academia work together to create a brighter future. Collaborating is within our nature. Philips laid the groundwork for this 125 years ago.

There is no other place in the world where so many new ideas arise every day as within the Brainport region. Together, we create complex systems and innovative products that make the world a better place. Therefore, it is not without a reason that we are called the smartest region in the world.