Our goal

Changing the game
of mechatronics.

We develop mechatronic products in such a way that they can be produced in series, at a pre-defined price point, at a pre-defined quality level and with the shortest time-to market. Our unique “V²-way of working” enables viable business cases. Product and production design run concurrently and are continuously coordinated and synchronized during the development process. This is how we make a difference in the world of mechatronics.

Agrobotics and other markets.

Organized with flexible eco system.

Our own way of working, connecting product and production development.


In our unique product creation process (PCP) we execute product and production development in parallel. We have captured this working method in our own V²-model.

We save time. Fewer iterations are needed in the development process. Coordination takes place when concept choices are made.

We check the design at an early stage against the supplier, logistics and assembly requirements. The design is optimally adjusted to this, which benefits the quality.

The product price is well managed because responsible departments are involved at an early stage and a product price monitor is maintained from the start of the project. As a result, no iterations are needed later in the project to get the product price back to the initial target.

We create an optimal product architecture that is also suitable for production and offers the desired functionality and performance. The product is built from testable units. This results in flexibility in production and also gives our customers the option to configure systems based on the desired functionality.