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Co-development of ‘Sparter’; an automatic selective harvesting machine for white asparagus.

Cerescon is a rapidly developing, high-tech scale-up in Agrofood robotics.

They develop and market a selective harvesting solution for white asparagus called “Sparter”. Their objective is to automate picking of white asparagus and ensure that European consumers can continue enjoying a delicious and affordable dish of locally produced fresh asparagus.




Partners since

The challenge

The challenge in 2018 was to contribute to a viable business case for the Sparter by re-design of the selective robot unit. This unit is an important part of the Sparter automatic selective harvesting machine for white asparagus.

The goals of this re-design were to:

  1. Increase the performance by factor two to specification level.
  2. Decrease the cost price of the robot significantly, at least 35%.
  3. Improve and guarantee manufacturability and serviceability.

The solution

Cerescon gave us the opportunity to start from “white paper” with our V2 model and execute on the technical functionality and industrialization specifications simultaneously, which led to a shorter time to “viable business case”. By using our V2 model, we achieved a higher performance in combination with a significantly lower price level of the robot unit.

MTA contributes to the challenging needs of the agricultural industry.

The results

Price performance times three

By using our unique V2 development methodology, bringing in our mechatronic system experience in combination with our knowledge of series production we managed to achieve a price decrease of 40 percent and a performance improvement (the number of harvested asparagus per hour) of 100 percent.

Focus on core activities

By taking project ownership and by nurturing the customer relation in an entrepreneurial way MTA played an essential role in the successful launch of this innovative automatic selective harvesting machine for white asparagus.

A system that is ready for series production

We integrated our unit philosophy to guarantee the manufacturability, testability and serviceability of the complete robot unit. In doing so MTA warrants the impeccable quality of the Products.